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Online Psychological Tests

psychological tests onlineThere are numerous psychological tests online scattered over the net. We have put some of them together in one location for your convenience.

*The results from these are not to be considered medical or professional advice. We strongly encourage you to consult a medical or mental health professional.*

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Social Anxiety Test

Are you feeling:

  • anxiety about death
  • anxiety about relationships
  • anxiety about work
  • anxiety about money
  • the future
  • anxiety about health
  • anxiety about flying
  • anxiety about driving

Then take one or more of these free psychological online tests  (anxiety tests).

Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale
Gad7 Generalized Anxiety Disorder Test
Gad-7 Questionnaire
Anxiety Screening
Stress Symptom Quiz – This test examines your stress symptoms and then presents you with appropriate resources to your situation.
Work, Home and Social Stress Test
Adrenaline Self Test – Addicted to adrenaline? You may be surprised at the results. Take 5 minutes to make sure.
Perfectionism Quiz – Does Perfectionism Cause You Stress?
Happiness Self-Assessment Quiz – Measures a person’s overall level of happiness with focused questions targeting 16 different areas of life.

Depression Tests Online

Depression Screener
Depression Test
Teenage Depression Test


The psychological tests provided on the web site(s) linked to above are intended solely for the purpose of identifying the symptoms of anxiety disorders and depressive disorders, and is not designed to provide a diagnosis for anxiety disorders or clinical depression. An accurate diagnosis for depression and other psychiatric disorders including anxiety disorders can only be made by a physician or qualified mental health professional after a complete evaluation, including a physical exam to rule out any medical illnesses or conditions.

The psychological tests on this site are not appropriate for, and should not be completed by, persons under age 18. Persons under age 18 with symptoms of anxiety disorders or depression are advised to talk with their parents or guardians about seeing a physician or qualified mental health professional for a complete evaluation.

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