How to Murder Stress John Carlton Style.

how to murder stress john carlton styleJohn Carlton is a well-known advertising copywriter and marketer.

He’s known for his sense of humor and flamboyant writing style.

He posted an article on “How to Murder Stress” and I wanted to share it with you.

John shares a couple goods points; I find him so funny and he brings everything so close to home, practical and relevant so I think it is worth the read.

Here’s a short excerpt of the article

“Because if you’re alive… dude, you’re gonna encounter stress.  Rich, po’, self-employed, unemployed, smart, dumb, pretty, pretty ugly, alert or half-asleep…

… humans have been guaranteed an unrelenting marriage with stress ever since we left the real jungle for the asphalt one.

So, basically, forget about avoiding it.

What you want to do… is learn how to kill it.  Over and over and over again, as often as necessary, whenever you need to do it.

You can develop your own way of doing this.  And good luck to ya.  Stress is a Class Triple-X Monster that has ground down many a good man to a sobbing little nubbin’ before. ”

The link to the entire article including his 3 tips is below…

Just as a casual warning… John can use the odd word I would censor out on my blog and can at times be a bit crass.

How to murder stress John Carlton style

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    How to Murder Stress John Carlton Style.