Thank Your Way Out of Stress.

Thank Your Way Out of Stress

Stress and anxiety typically come from a habit of focusing on the negative, the problems and the undesirable.

Two people can be looking at the same classic 1966 Corvette Roadster and one of them can be admiring the beautiful lines, the sparkling paint job and imagining racing down the highway with the top down and the wind in their hair…

While the other person could be noticing a chip in the paint, a small tear in one of the seats and some brake dust on the chrome rims.

Both are looking at the same car and yet they are each seeing something completely different.

One is focusing on the negative, the problems and the undesirable while the other is focusing on the beauty, the positive and what there is to be grateful for.

It is easier to find the positive in certain things and more difficult in others but I have yet to find a problem, challenge or situation as unpleasant as it may be where I haven’t been able to find at least “something” I can be thankful for.

Check out this article for more on achieving stress relief from developing a habit of gratitude.

The benefits of gratitude for stress relief

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    Thank Your Way Out of Stress.