I Won’t Be Happy Until… Believing False Choices?

The Happiness Project website has a great post on “False Choices”.

This is when we only give ourselves 2 options in a given situation.


A or B.

Black or white.

For example; I won’t be happy until I can get rid of this anxiety. This belief is extremely limiting and causes one to feel trapped within a situation.

The options here are:

A) I get rid of my anxiety and get to be happy.

B) I stay stuck with my anxiety and my miserable life.

Don’t stop here… try to expand your understanding of the situation.

What does it mean for you to be happy?

Do you have to always be happy before you can say you have a happy life?

What if you had a few happy moments a few times a week or once a day?

What can you do to find a middle ground between the 2 extremes of “A” and “B”?

Work on expanding your mind, brainstorm and talk with others to see if they can help shed some light on different options in any given situation.

Check out the entire False Choices post here…


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